“Teriberka to moscow – how far is it?”

This search query was noticed in the stats counter on the site. The famous Leviathan caused unprecedented interest to small Teriberka.

The distance between Moscow and Teriberka is 1969 km. You drive through Yaroslavl, Vologda Region, Karelia and Murmansk region. And – voilà! – you are in Teriberka.

moscow_teriberkaWe drove through most of this road by car and we can talk about it in detail. But if you are not interested in what’s between Moscow and Teriberka is much faster and more comfortable to get there by train/plane to Murmansk.

If you are sure that you are interested in Teriberka…
teriberkaMore photos of Teriberka in varandej livejournal>>

Barents and White Sea in 10 days

m2Our friend, the doctor of intensive care, charmnig Tatiana, and her company traveled along the route St. Petersburg – Titovka – Highlands Musta – Tunturi – Middle Peninsula – Murmansk – Teriberka – Kandalaksha – Umba – Kashkarantsy – Cape Ship – Nilmoguba – Petersburg in 10 days.

Want to do it too? We will help you choose the route according to your taste, supply a car with a driver and a translator.

See photos from Tatiana and Co.’s trip.. more >>

Thanks to the Russian post for the toilet and shower tent

Living in the boondocks forced me to overcome my disinclination and order a shower and toilet tent from Moscow. It arrived quick and intact in about two weeks, which is pretty good. Assembled in the room that serves as my office and found to be entirely as expected: large, sturdy, and easy to assemble.


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A home base for filming crews

somewhere_in_vologda_largeA 4WD truck, with a camper in tow, complete with a driver with 30 years of accident-free record (something tells me a big one is coming), a qualified translator, and all-around fixer (Uncle Pasha himself in all of these roles), with secretarial support from the home office (usually provided by Alexandra) is available to filming crews and serious explorers of the area.

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A room right by the train station

All of Kandalaksha’s hotels,
known and personally inspected by me

No announcement available or all announcement expired.

A large room 5 min. walk from the Kandalaksha train station. It is something of a run-down 70s time capsule but clean bedding, running water, and a functional toilet are waiting for you.

$25 per person per night.


Circumstances permitting, you’ll get fed too, and given a complimentary tour of Kandalaksha.

Two rooms or even the entire apartment may be available in the summer for $40/night. more >>



The owner of this site is a vagabond with a penchant for comfort, which made him a camper living enthusiast. If this is your mode of travel too he will advise you where to park safely and comfortably, especially along the south edge of Kola.

He can even organize an inexpensive camping trip for you, summer OR WINTER.

In the city itself camper parking was available at the Spolokhi hotel. Basic but secure camper parking can be arranged in Luvenga.