Murmansk region brides

An enquiry from a Russian bride seeker prompted me to scan the local (Murmansk region) scene. Having found nothing I dragged my lazy bum to Alexandra’s and begged for access to her information sniffing expertise.[hide-this-part] Sure enough, it took her 5 minutes to sort out through hundreds of fakes and duplicates, and to come up with two real brick and mortar Murmansk-based agencies.

The name of this one, with a tacky (even by industry standards) banner, can be translated as “Get rid of loneliness”. The site bears every mark of a new project. It failed to turn me on but you may want to check out

The other one is called Lucky Choice. The logo, just as tacky, would not copy. Well, if they are against me reproducing it here let their competitor above get more attention. The list is longer and women appear younger although most still have this trademark expressionless Russian provincial face. See

What can I do for you on the Russian brides front? I can help you compile your story and make a vibrant yet truthful profile. I can distribute it around. No, I can guarantee no result. Double negative is intentional. The nature of the situation makes failure the norm, and success is a rare piece of luck. Stories are available on requiest, and if I deem it appropriate I can even put you in touch with former clients of the type similar to yours.[/hide-this-part]