antiutopia_car_2A successful collective farm, fell apart, a small semi-ghost village was left behind. Gloom and despair incarnate. Actually no, I’m wrong here, no “despair”. People here are well adapted to going on in good cheer despite numerous despites. My hat off. But the scenery is of the sort that makes one expect packs of wild dogs and zombies.

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A very inexpensive large apartment in Luvenga for sale

Three rooms, first floor, with ~1/10 of an acre plot of land. Location: Luvenga, 14km east from Kandalaksha.

Cheap: 220 th. roubles (~$3500).

But requires a full renovation job.

Sold by a good friend of mine, the knife and sleigh maker Vasily Ivanovich.

This offer may be of interest to those wishing to establish a foothold in Russia.

Photos will be added soon.

Contact me at for more information.

Double axe murder in Luvenga

axe-murder-luvengaRumours have reached me that New Year celebration in Luvenga, 14km east from Kandalaksha along the South coast of the peninsula, resulted in two dead bodies, reduced to this sorry state in the evening of Jan. 1 by means of an axe.

It is usual and typical for this sort of things to happen during long holidays.

Details, if available, will be shared with humanity later.

Seen Aurora Borealis with my own eyes


In my nearly three years in Kandalaksha and area I haven’t seen the famous aurora borealis even once, and was starting to think that numerous reports are but a conspiracy to entice tourists into coming here. That is, till last night, when it was noticed over Luvenga, and seen with my own eyes for about 15 minutes, around 11pm. I hearby confirm aurora borealis is real.

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