Lighthouse on the edge of the world

4Nicodemus Lighthouse(Nikodimsky Mayak). One of the most remote and gloomiest places of the Kola Peninsula. Some people seek to get there nonetheless. Perhaps they are looking for exotic or rare shots or want to understand the “mysterious Russian soul”. Ilya Zheltyakov, traveler and filmmaker making a documentary about Nikodimsky lighthouse

Nicodemus Lighthouse

3Nicodemus Lighthouse(Nikodimsny Mayak)between Chapoma and Pyalitsa, ~200km east from Varzuga, accessible by air only.

Translated almost verbatim from our friends blog. Same people as Kola Expeditions,

It is a pyramid made of beams and boards, 40m (120ft) high, with stairs inside, a huge lamp with a small light at the top. Raisa and her husband look after the lighthouse. They started this job recently, after the previous light-keeper shot himself, last summer, because of unhappy love affair on the side, and left a widow and two children behind.

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