If Kuzomen is not far enough for you, cross the Varzuga river

varzuga-ferry-1On Thursday we witnessed an UAZ van ferried to the other side of Kuzomen, to the true “beyond”. That’s the only way, except the helicopter, to get to places like Chavanga, Strelna, or Chapoma.

Here are a few photos to show you how it happens, with the floating platform being pushed by a motor boat. The cost of this adventure across the river is ~5000 roubles ($70) per crossing. more >>

Gennady Alexandrov’s trip to Chapoma and Pulonga

The road ends in Kuzomen. This trip by our friend and colleague, local history expert Gennady Alexandrov, was beyond any semblance of a road, which makes me want to share it with you.


Chapoma and Pulonga are marked with red arrows.

The trip starts with hiring a heavy truck and crossing the Varzuga River:


100-something kilometers of a gruelling non-road, and you’ll find yourself in Chapoma. more >>