Varzuga’s claim to fame is in being the religious center if not of the whole region then most definitely of the South edge of the peninsula, and in salmon fishing and poaching.

English speaking fishermen should go to I doubt foreigner are into Eastern Orthodoxy very much but if you happen to be try The Varzuga Foundation that positions itself as the voice of local “spirituality”.

If you need any type of logistical support in visiting Varzuga, talk to me. Driver, translator, gopher, fixer, whatever. I confess that Varzuga is not one of my favourite places but is it popular with travellers and a job is a job.

A fishing camp in Strel’na


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Camp’s website, English page >>

The southernmost point of the peninsula, ~350km from Kandalaksha, of which the first  150 are passable asphalt, another 100 are sand, dirt, and boulders, and the last 100 lack road altogether. To get there hire a heavy-duty off-road something in Kuzomen or more likely Varzuga, a boat in Kuzomen, or try to get on the once-a-week helicopter in Umba that gives preference to locals and will let those like you on board only if there are empty seats.