Chupa invites ornithologists

2From our friends, Julia and Vasily from Chupa (Karelia):

Dear friends, all of us look for sea ornithologists for continuation of our ornithological researches on the White Sea!
Researches have to will take place at the end of May – the beginning of June, 2015.

Examine from articles about the beginning of our family ecological projects on the White Sea.

We will be glad to your opinion!

Yours faithfully,
Yulia Suprunenko
Coordinator of the White Sea Project
Lighthouse Foundation


Rurik Chemyakin, At 70 degrees North

chemyakinSee part of the English version >>

This book is a rarity among Russian zoological literature. More often than not similar publications have either lots of photos and too little text, or vice versa. Here the text to photos ratio is well-balanced, with each one of several hundred photos supplied with extended comments. It is obvious that the author wants to say a lot about the heroes of his photography. This is not surprising given that many of then have been, for a long time, subjects to his scientific research and observations.

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Bird watching around (and right in) Kandalaksha

Our ornitology friends are still at work developing the birding idea. Now they are busy putting together tours for birdwatchers, checking out the best observation points, mostly within protected territories and natural monuments of the Kola Peninsula. As they progress we’ll report on promising places to watch birds and on species you are likely to meet there.

The first one of these places is quite close to the city and is easily accessible any time.

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Zelenoborsky accommodation

+7 926 270 8501, Boris, with three guest houses. That’s the only info our search genius Alexandra was able to dig up about the town of Zelenoborsky, ~60km south from Kandalaksha, in response to a request from a Finnish cyclist planning such a trip. No e-mail, no site, just telephone number..

..The owner, it turns out, has the Moscow State University White Sea Biological Station in his background, and offers, among other services, birdwatching. Details coming up.

Obutuary on Alexander Koryakin, Science Director of the Kandalaksha Nature Reserve

Alexander Sergeyevich Koryakin (commonly known as ASK) died of a heart attack on January 19 2014. His obituary has just appeared in The Russian Journal of Ornitology, Vol. XXIII, Express Issue 2014 No. 995. English translation of the above summary of his life and work written by A. Goryashkohis, Dr. Koryakin’s very close associate of 30 years, is being prepared.