Christmas (Orthodox) holidays in Chupa, North Karelia

Our ecology friends from Chupa (North Karelia) keep coming up with new programs, and we keep spreading the word.

Having just attracted enough of those desiring to freeze their butts off during the New Year tour (31 декабря – 6 января), Julia and Vasily have immediately announced their invitation for the Christmas tour.


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Winter holidays on the White Sea in Chupa, Karelia

An invitation from our friends

Chupa is a village in the Loukhi district of Karelia, on the White Sea coast. Easy to get to by train from Moscow or St. Petersburg.

The cost is 24 000 roubles per adult. Children 6-17 60% off. Chldren up to 5 free.

Or 1840 if you don’t use the services of a cook and take your own products.

Skis, skates, sleighs, ice fishing and banya, Xmas tree, Pomor Ukha (fish soup), aurora borealis, and the famous Beluga whales!

Call us at +7 953 537 3114 and +7 921 227 1158 or write to and


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