Registration with the Ministry of Emergencies for those travelling in dangerous areas

The Murmansk Region section of the Ministry of Emergencies now requires all travellers going on potentially dangerous routes (sailing, mountains) to register with them ten days before the trip and report that they are well daily. Presumably, should they disappear, the Ministry will undertake a search.

Here is the form in English on the Ministry of Emergencies site travellers need to fill out before being on their way.

Kola Expeditions is getting ready to receive English-speaking travellers

They ordered me to translate their site into English, and immediately uploaded these translations to Last March we ourselves took part in one of their 3-4 hour tours, were impressed, and can recommend Kola Expeditions to travellers looking for the “local spirit”.


“Russian Lapland” tourist cluster in the Lovozero District

mu_lovozero_2The Ministry of Development of Industry and Entrepreneurship of the Murmansk Region and the Administration of the Lovozero District have signed a memorandum to set up and develop a recreational cluster “Russian Lapland”, with specialization in ethnographic and rural tourism, with the involvement of the indigenous peoples of Kola Peninsula. Same old stuff will be offered: snowmobile safari, deer sleighs, trips to deer keepers’ camps in the tundra. Events to be promoted include the International Saami Day, North Celebration, Deer Keepers’ Day, Days of Komi-Izhma Culture and others. Formation of the cluster is supposed to make the local tourist industry more efficient and effective. Those interested in joining the group are invited to contact the organizers by calling (8152) 41-07-95 or e-mailing to

Contact me at about a trip from Kandalaksha to Lovozero.

Two or three pieces of good news for the lovers of art and snowmobiling

First, in December 2015 one of our favourite travel companies of the Kola Peninsula, “Kola Expeditions“, have opened a Visitor Center in the City of Kirovsk, Murmansk region, near the Botanical Gardens by the Snow Village, behind the Tirvas Health Center (“Profilaktoriy Tirvas”), about two-hour drive from Kandalaksha.

small1Second, the Visitor Center also serves as a snowmobile center. Snowmobile tours, a total of 15 routes of varying length and level of complexity to the Khibiny Mountains, start from there. They have a set of lovingly selected snowmobiles equipped for riders of any size and shape, a team of great guides, and are famous for their love for people that cannot be described as anything less than angelic. more >>