Mass downing of Murmansk prostitution sites

site-downI’ve taken a look at the statistics and noticed that my short post mentioning Murmansk prostitution sites continues enjoying immense popularity but, alas, the resources it points to are mostly down. The only one that appears alive although not exactly full of information or activity is One is disconnected, another one is for sale, and the third just wouldn’t open. Another industry appears to have succumbed to the recession.

The average cost of one square meter of housing in the Murmansk region

Location Roubles/m2 In $US at the current exchange rate of 62 roubles per $1US
Murmansk 37202 Just over $500/m2
Kola 37052 just over $500/m2
Apatity 21700 $350/m2
Kirovsk 21715 $350/m2
Monchegorsk 15000 just under $250/m2
Olenegorsk 17100 just under $400/m2
Severomorsk 35500 slightly over $500/m2
Revda 10609 $160/m2
Polarnye Zori 30000 under $500/m2
Molochny 35750 over $500/m2
Pushnoy 7895 slightly over $100/m2
Murmashi 31025 $500/m2


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New Life Festival in Teriberka August 12-14 2016

teriberkaThis will be the second event of the sort, organized by LavkaLavka Farmers’ Coop, this time also supported by the Murmansk Region government.  During the event local food will be presented, as well as touristic opportunities in the Kola Peninsula. A special program for children is said to be planned too. The ultimate aim of the event is to get the community pull itself out of the situation of an economic and social disaster by turning towards taking part in the tourism industry. Festival’s VK page >>

Foreigners, from what I see, ARE allowed in Teriberka without having to go through any permit-obtaining rituals. But feel free to ask me to double check on that subject should you seriously consider that destination.

Related: Community events along the Ter (south) coast of the peninsula.

“Murmansk Mosaic” fair May 18-22. An opportunity to see many local products under one roof.

murmansk-mosaicThe “Murmansk Mosaic” fair will be held from May 18 to May 22 in the MurmanExpo hall at Kolsky prospekt 51A.

Food, clothing, kitchen ware, household chemicals, seeds and seedlings. Over 70 producers, many of them local, are expected.

Working hours:

May 18-21: 11am to 7:30pm;

May 22: 11am to 5:30pm.

I’m regularly asked about local producers and business opportunities here. Events such as this one may be a good place to start exploring the local scene.

Murmansk region’s average income

Once in a while I get asked about the average wage or income, mostly by people toying with the idea of opening a business here. just reported that the average income in the Murmansk region for 2015 was 39 424 roubles, or just over $500 at the current exchange rate.

No official statistics for small towns separately but my guess is that for Kandalaksha it would be around 25000 roubles per month, or just under $400.

In small rural communities even $250/month could make an attractive wage.

Murmansk events for 2016

murmansk-expoThe following events may be of interest to anyone thinking of doing business in the Murmansk region. They all take place at the Murmansk Expo at Kolsky prospekt 51A, in the center of Murmansk. A good place to review the local business scene or to present your product.

Want to visit one of the events but can’t take the time? Hire me! I’ll collect materials from exhibitors and distribute yours, and deliver your message by talking on your behalf to other participants.

Sea. Resouces. Technologies 2016 March 16-18 2016

Education. Profession. Carrier: Human Resources for business 2016 March 24-26 2016

Expo HOME 2016 April 21-23 2016 more >>

Made in the Arctic: A Success Story of a Finnish Berry Trader

osmo-koluosmo-kolu-2Stumbled upon a story about a Murmansk-based Finnish businessman who actively buys and sells berries.

Osmo Kolu came to Russia 10 years ago and immersed himself into the local scene. Now he buys blueberry and cloudberry from the locals, sorts, packs, and freezes them, and sells either locally or to Europe.

An interview with him may be of interest to anyone contemplating doing business in Russia.

I’d like to remind you that the general level of prices is now the lowest it has been in the last 5-7 years due to the recent fall of the rouble, giving a significant advantage to anyone contemplating investing into and doing business in Russia.

Big shots’ meeting on tourism development in the region

meeting-Russia-FinlandKandalaksha leaders and those of Finnish municipalities that border with Russia have met last week to discuss joint projects, including setting up a major snowmobile route across Norway, Sweden,Finland, and Russia. Another project discussed was expanding the capacity of the transportation network of the Murmansk region and including it into the trans-European road system.

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It may be a good time to invest into Russia

buy-low-sell-highWhile the rouble dropped almost twice compared to $$ in the course of the year, overall level of prices in roubles rose by I’d say 20%. That made buying in Russia much more attractive from the dollar holder’s point of view. If you are looking for business opportunities, the rouble cost of two main expense components – labour and real estate – has not risen at all, which makes them in effect half as cheap as they were before the change of equation brought about by the Ukrainian crisis. Plus the market offers much more choice than only a year ago. Let me use this opportunity to urge those still playing with the idea of investing into Russia to consider doing so now. On the assumption that we are not heading toward a total disaster of the irreversible sort – a scenario that makes all and any considerations irrelavant – and political tremour subsides in the foreseeable future, now it may be a good time to start the Russian project you’ve been thinking of.

Take a look at The Moscow Times article Foreign Investment in Russian Commercial Property Hits 7-Year High. Big guys appear to be taking advantage of the price slump.

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