Shared auto travel

blablacarLess than $20 will take you from St. Petersburg to Moscow, and under $40 will drag you all the way from Murmansk to the capital. Check out Rides are often available even to destinations that don’t have a good train connection. Based on my impression of their site and the hearsay I’d recommend this service fully, and will be personally testing it at the first opportunity.

Sredny and Rybachy Peninsula Nature Reserve

sredny-n-rybachyIt is in near plans, with “access for organized group tourists only”. Private travellers watch out as you may be kept out.. Lots of complaints floating around to the effect that the borders of the proposed reserve have been drawn in a manner that does not protect anything of value. In short, if planning a trip there don’t assume anything other than that a little local scandal is brewing.

rybachy-peninsulaPS. has recently published a series of photos of Rybachy that I recommend.


“Around Barents”

around-barents-truckLet the team behind the project introduce themselves:

“Around Barents” is a northern countries car journey to show the interesting people of the region.

..We want to tell about the people who live in the North, about the way they live, work, love and create something new, tell you about different people beginning with the craftsmen living in remote settlements to the managers of the major international projects. And, of course, in the framework of our journey we are going to show the beauty of the northern nature which is well-known all over the world.

The first part of our project is the Kola Peninsula. Within a month we are planning to visit various places of the Murmansk region and write about our journey in the blog on the website of the project, in social networks, as well as through our media partners.

Project page >>

Dirt demystified

First-time visitors to Russia often express surprise at the amount of mud, slush or dust, depending on the time of the year, on roads here. This article from, that I’m even tempted to translate into English although pictures make the story almost obvious, explains why it happens here but not in other countries with similar climate. Highly recommended whether you seek to satisfy curiosity or are on a search for the cultural code. That’s why I’m placing this recommendation for the mud story to the Background reading category.