Registration with the Ministry of Emergencies for those travelling in dangerous areas

The Murmansk Region section of the Ministry of Emergencies now requires all travellers going on potentially dangerous routes (sailing, mountains) to register with them ten days before the trip and report that they are well daily. Presumably, should they disappear, the Ministry will undertake a search.

Here is the form in English on the Ministry of Emergencies site travellers need to fill out before being on their way.

Perishing in the Kola Peninsula woods and hills: the probability is 20 our of ??????

"Don't panic. There's another sign up ahead."The Murmansk Region section of the Ministry of Emergencies reported yesterday that since the beginning of 2016 43 persons were lost in the woods and hills, of which 11 were found dead and nine not located at all.

What level of risk these figures represent I know not since the total number of those venturing out was not told. Still, before leaving tell someone you are off, and indicate the route and the expected return time to make the search easier.

What to do in case of earthquake

I was prompted to write this by recent Nepal earthquake. The Kola Peninsula too is full of shields and faults and layers in its foundation that have in the past moved and have a potential of starting to do so again.


What do you do if ground starts shaking? Stay where you are. If indoors, remain indoors. Crawl under a table. Hold onto its leg. If outdoors, remain there but stay away from building and tall structures. If in a car, stop it but not on a bridge or overpass. Drop, cover, and hold on is essentially the advice I was able to gather from a variety of source, eg. here. Don’t move around while the ground is shaking or danger of aftershock remains.

Those wishing to make a donation to the Nepal earthquake relief efforts may proceed here.

If you fall through ice

conveniencesI’ve been dragged onto ice a lot recently (and also to cemeteries, where drowning was often indicated as the cause of death). And hearing stories, in vivid details. And shown crosses, erected if you **didn’t** drown despite all odds, on top of many local hills and along the cost. Also, as I’m researching the travel market here it becomes even more apparent that salmon is the top thing that brings you guys here, and a lot of it is done while ice is still on. All that compelled me to post these three videos with instructions on how to proceed should you find yourself in water.

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