Soviet movies in English, one of the gateways to the “Russian soul”

avengersI’ve stumbled on a treasure trove collection of popular Soviet-era as well as some modern cult movies with English translations/subtitles. Quotes from these have made it into everyday language, and memes form became a part of the popular mental set.

A great resource if you want to understand the subtleties of how an average modern Russian feels and thinks.


But the download/opening time is long. Be prepared to wait.

An article on the Eider duck and St. Cuthbert by A. Goryashko just came out

st-cuthbert-eiderPriroda (“Nature)” No. 10, 2015, pages 57-67.

The widely circulating legend that St. Cuthbert patronized the Eider and wrote nature protection laws is analyzed and refuted as not being based on any documented sources.

Here is the pdf of Alexandra’s article >>

Let me use this opportunity to remind the world that Alexandra can be hired for any job requiring information search and processing, including archive work.

Essential Russian: the NO signs

A wise learner of language will start not  not with lame dobroye utropozhaluysta, kak proyti na Krasnuyu Ploschad kupit matreshkas and such but with words and phrases that are at the core of the culture. Warnings and prohibitions is what defines Russian mental set, and words and phrases to that effect permeate the language.

Here are several random NO and BEWARE signs.


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