Christmas angel workshop in Belomorsk, Karelia

christmas-angelLooking for a chance to integrate with the locals while making a cute little souvenir to take home?

Consider signing up for a workshop where you’ll learn to make something neat, and have fun and make friends in the process, such as making Chrismtas angel dolls on Jan. 5 at the Pomor Culture Center in Belomorsk, Karelia, at Ul. Oktyabrskaya 5-a, tel. 8 921 458 0383.

I must say that the fashion for these workshops is on the rise here, and those wishing to get close to make contact with the locals should consider participating.

This advice particularly applies to Russian bride seekers.

A guide (possibly/probably free) in St. Petersburg

Got the following letter from a woman in St. Petersburg:

“I am a traveller, good cook, very simple and easy going,
well educated and working in newspaper, joga addicted, interesting in other cultures. If you are easy-going man and  going to visit  Sankt-Petersburg, I can be you guide. I want to get more practice in English.” more >>

Russian brides from Ryazan


Let me add Alexander and his daughter Olesya (not to be confused with Alexandra from Kandalaksha and the Russsian Girl Friday Olesya, both of whom I regularly mention) to this list. They run a small old-school employment and marriage agency in Ryazan, a city almost 200km south-east from Moscow, where I have excellent connections.

Ulitsa Chernovitskaya 6a, office 213/214
+7 4912 905014 (land line)
+7 910 642 2738 (mob.)

Not many matchmakers who know their clients personally are still in business. This one is a proof that time warps do happen. Highly recommended. The rates are very reasonable too.

But Russian only. And they lack sales zeal almost to the point of not caring. Don’t expect your e-mails to be answered or calls returned. Realistically, you will need my assistance to work with them. But once they kick into gear they work magic.

Dating scene review, another attempt

As I do a crude analysis of my clients in the last 4-5 years (after something seems to have changed in the universe) I see that they fall into three distinc groups. First, there are weirdos looking for support from someone of their ilk. Suppose my recent look into one of the local ndustries clearly was of this type. Fortunately, the client put his life in order and gave up oh his plans to relocate to Russia and do business here. The second type is someone who materializes in the last-minute in panic becase their fixer disappeared or the driver they hired went into a drinking binge. Last, it is the Russian bride seeker.

[hide-this-part morelink=”More”]There isn’t much I can do about the first two but I’m doing a review of the Russian brides scene right now in an effort to attract those who still want to pursue that miniscule chance.

The first find is that the good old is not only still around but they are overhauling their dating section.


It was there and active for many years, and was always on my recommended list. It is not a dating site. People are brought there by the “back to land” type sentiment first. Making friends and finding a mate/partner follows from a certain unity that’s already there. Self-descriptions are made in free form as opposed to filling out a form with technical parameters. If you are a farmer, or own a large property, and gardening is your things you will be a hit. If you are contemplating a move to Russia but otherwise are reasonably sane you’ll have women all over. What’s more, women there tend to be active, skinny, and educated. No, not glamorous, and not sleesy sexy. A bit space cadet-ish though, New Age type caracters. If I was in free circulation I personally could very well join the club.[/hide-this-part]

The house of a particular repute

All of Kandalaksha hotels, 
known and personally inspected by me

pomor-starThe Pomor Star hotel is rumoured to be the most fun place in the whole of Kandalaksha town. I have been meaning to ask them directly for the benefit of my clients but haven’t had the guts. Thankfully, in the April 4 2014 issue of the local paper “Niva” there was a “Room for rent by the hour” ad, which leaves little doubt.

Ulitsa Rechnaya 1. Very close to the Kandalaksha Nature Reserve, St. John the Baptist’s Orthodox Church (the town’s only), and to the Yacht Club (in the process of construction). Tel.8(81533)94835, 8(81533)94375, 8(921)278 5139.

..There also are rumours of another establishment somewhere in “Japan” in the east end of Kandalaksha. I’ll announce if I come across any specifics.

“Russian brides” from Igor Cherski subject, although not as wildly popular as before, remains among top search phrases. The market however is dominated by the biggies ( and the like – see a compilation in my neglected and nearly abandoned that quickly teach all parties to view the search as an end in itself. Women are having fun and get free trips. Men are losing money and creeping towards the heart attack or stroke at the rate slightly higher than what was intended by the Almighty. Dating site owners are making $$ although, knowing the industry from inside, not as much as they appear to. And I get yet another piece of evidence that we are dead and in hell, which is my pet explain-it-all theory.

more >>

Murmansk region brides

An enquiry from a Russian bride seeker prompted me to scan the local (Murmansk region) scene. Having found nothing I dragged my lazy bum to Alexandra’s and begged for access to her information sniffing expertise.[hide-this-part] Sure enough, it took her 5 minutes to sort out through hundreds of fakes and duplicates, and to come up with two real brick and mortar Murmansk-based agencies.

The name of this one, with a tacky (even by industry standards) banner, can be translated as “Get rid of loneliness”. The site bears every mark of a new project. It failed to turn me on but you may want to check out

The other one is called Lucky Choice. The logo, just as tacky, would not copy. Well, if they are against me reproducing it here let their competitor above get more attention. The list is longer and women appear younger although most still have this trademark expressionless Russian provincial face. See

What can I do for you on the Russian brides front? I can help you compile your story and make a vibrant yet truthful profile. I can distribute it around. No, I can guarantee no result. Double negative is intentional. The nature of the situation makes failure the norm, and success is a rare piece of luck. Stories are available on requiest, and if I deem it appropriate I can even put you in touch with former clients of the type similar to yours.[/hide-this-part]