Christmas (Orthodox) holidays in Chupa, North Karelia

Our ecology friends from Chupa (North Karelia) keep coming up with new programs, and we keep spreading the word.

Having just attracted enough of those desiring to freeze their butts off during the New Year tour (31 декабря – 6 января), Julia and Vasily have immediately announced their invitation for the Christmas tour.


Place: White Sea coast, North Karelia, the village of Chupa, 32km to the Arctic Circle (66°33′).

Dates: Jan. 4 to 12 2015

No. of participants: up to 10 persons.

Cost: 19 500 roubles.

What’s awaiting you in one of the cleanest and least populated areas of Europe? Karelian secrets of ice fishing, communication with beluga whales, and endless spaces of the north are ready to welcome new guests.

The weather during the tour may vary, with temperatures from -5 to -30 Centigrade, -10C on average. But White Sea winters tend to be soft, and children generally feel comfortable outdoors till -20C.

Detailed plan

26 hours from Moscow to the Chupa station, then 15 min. by bus to guest houses. Trips by van to Lake Varatskoye (20 min.) or to dolphins (2 hours) can be included in the plan.

1st day, Jan. 4: Boarding the train late at night from Jan. 4 to Jan. 5.

2nd day, Jan. 5: Train travel.

3rd day, Jan. 6: Meeting participants at the train station of the village of Chupa. Settling in guest houses of Chupa. A tour of the village and of the White Sea coast. Christmas table is set and Christmas met!

4th day, Jan. 7: A tour to see the beluga whales. Photos sessions or swimming with belugas. Four places left as of the moment!!

5th day, Jan. 8. Ice fishing for burbot, and a trip to Karelia’s woods. Fishing for perch. Observing arctic lights is an option.

6th day, Jan. 9. Pomor secrets of locating burbot paths. A workshop on preparing Pomor fish soup.

7th day, Jan. 10. Skiing, with a woodfire and a hot dinner in the forest. Getting ready for the departure late at night from Jan. 10 to Jan. 11.

9th day, Jan. 11. Train trip.

10th day, Jan. 12. Back in Moscow in the morning.

Your guides:

1. Координатор программы Юлия Супруненко
Julia Suprunenko, with her young assistant, coordinate the whole program.

10. Гид, руководитель программы
Program head, experienced guide Vasily Efimov.

11.Секреты подледного лова будет рассказывать опытный помор - Виктор Меньшиков
Pomor Viktor Min’shikov will share the secrets of ice fishing.


Guest houses have 2-4 persons/room. Conveniences: toilet in the house, shower.

A 4-person house with a real woodstove and a banya.

2 Домик с двух-местным размещением (душ, туалет в номере)
A 2-person guesthouse with a shower and an indoor toilet.

Домик с двух-местным размещением (душ, туалет в номере)
Another guesthouse with a shower and a toilet in the room.

The cost of participation is 19 500 roubles (under $500) per person.

The cost includes:

Local travel

Three meals a day

Christmas meal (no alcohol)

Guide services

Acccommodation, 2-4 persons/room

Use of skiing equipment

Rent of fishing tack

Karelian fish soup workshop

A tour to beluga whales

At extra cost:

Transfer to the location (the village of Chupa)

Swimming with belugas at 3000 roubles. Sign up in advance – PLACES ARE LIMITED!

To all who want to see the animals closely and in their natural environment we offer swimming in hydro-suit with a mask and a snorkel pipe together with whales. Belugas are gentle and understanding whales. We invite you to meet specially trained whales. You’ll be provided a dry hydro-suit, where no water at all gets in.

2      3


For all this call +7 953 537 3114 or +7 921 227 1158, or e-mail to and Of course tell them you found out about their program through Pasha and Alexandra.

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Christmas (Orthodox) holidays in Chupa, North Karelia — 2 Comments

  1. 17 December, 2014
    re: Chupa, White Sea, Karelia
    It looks great! But it would be much more convenient for western visitors if you would pick people up in Salla, Finland, and return them to Salla, Finland.
    Do you have any more photos of Chupa village?

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