Chupa calls July 2016

rybakov-n-alexThe Third International Scientific and Practical Conference “Natural and Cultural Inheritance of the White Sea” is to be held in Chupa, Karelia on July 15, 16, and 17 2016.

The event is organized by the Basin Council of the North Karelian Coast, and Charitable Fund for the Preservation of Seas and Oceans “Lighthouse Foundation“.

Those wishing to attend or participate should contact Контакты: Julia Suprunenko at or

Main subjects of the conference:

1. The principles and problems in the study of natural and cultural problems of the White Sea.
2. Improvement of the mechanisms of preservation of cultural landscapes and biological diversity of the White Sea.
3. Restoration of salmon population in the North Karelia rivers.
4. Preservation of locations and biodiversity of salmon.
5. Development of natural and cultural potential of the White Sea by scientific and ecological tourism.

The program:

Day 1 and 2: Presentations and discussions

Day 3: Field trips to mineralogical sites. Opening of the Mineralogy Museum in Chupa.

The procedure to reserve the space and time for your presentation is here >>

Most event participants speak English, a translator will be available, and presentations in English are welcomed.

The event coincides with the White Noise Music Festival on the nearby Medvezhka Peninsula.


Main scene of last year’s (2015) White Noise festival

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