Chupa, Loukhi district, Karelia

chupa (1)Chupa, pop. 3000 (down from 5000+ in late 1980s), is between Loukhi and Polarny Krug (Polar/arctic Circle), 400+ miles north from Petrozavodsk, under 100 miles south from Kandalaksha.

Easy to access. There is a train station, and it is but a small detour from the M18 highway.

The Council for Sustainable Development and Nature Protection is based in Chupa and is said to be very helpful to travellers. They’ll assist you with internet access, tickets, accommodation, or general information about the area. If lucky you may be able to joint nature hikes or even a serious expedition. The Council regularly hosts sports events. See or its English summary. Located at ul. Korguyeva 7-a, office 8, tel. +7 81439 41144, mob. +7 921 5234498, e-mail, open Mon. to Fri. 10am to 5pm.

Those interested in Russian fascination with self-destruction may want to stop by in Chupa. In late 30s one out of 15 town residents got executed as “Enemy of the people” and Chupa was referred to as the “zone”.

Chupa’s local climate is said to be as comfortable as it gets on the shores of the White sea, and the tourism industry is well developed. See the tourism section of the Chupa municipal forum.

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