A maker of classic Pomor sea boats

karbasA classic boat maker is said to be plying his trade in Umba. Details coming up. Saw one of his boats – a miniature version of “karbas” – in Luvenga. A beautiful thing. He doesn’t advertise and anyone looking for a Pomor classic boat needs to find an approach to this old fellow who shies fame.

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A maker of classic Pomor sea boats — 10 Comments

  1. re: White Sea cruise July 20 to August 6, 2014, including Pomor villages, Kola.
    There’s a Stanford University, small ship, White Sea cruise July 20-August 6, 2014 on the ISLAND SKY, 100 passengers, from Arkhangelsk to White Sea to Tromso. It goes from Arkhangelsk to Solovetsky, Sem islands, Kanin, Pomor villages, Kola, north Kola coast, Murmansk, Tromso.
    Price: $14,000 to $22,000 USD.
    Then search for “White Sea”.

    • For that price I’m ready to row-boat them from Arkhangelsk to whereever. How can I get my fingers into that part of the travel market pie?!

      • re: ISLAND SKY White Sea cruise July 20-August 6, 2014, $14,000 to $22,000 USD.
        I bet you’d like to get your hands on a piece of that pie. That’s why the ship has a detachment of private mercenary, ex Russian Navy, ex GRU Spetsnaz Naval commandos on board, to protect the ship from bandits!

        • Then do this:
          E-mail Stanford University alumni travel department and Noble-Caledonia Limited, London, at the e-mail addresses I have provided to you on here.
          Tell them you and Alexandra would like to propose a shore excursion at Luvenga, south Kola, for their ISLAND SKY White Sea cruise ship passengers during the cruise July 20-August 6, 2014.
          Explain very briefly yours and Alexandra’s qualifications to them.
          Ask them if they are interested.
          Normally these things are planned 1-2 years in advance. Ask them anyway if they are interested.
          It probably requires a local pilot (pilot ship navigator) from Port of Kandalaksha to navigate and steer the ISLAND SKY to a safe anchorage at Luvenga.
          I feel that Luvenga would be ideal for the ISLAND SKY cruise ship to stopover at.

      • Please read my letters to you on here. E-mail Stanford University alumni travel department,and Noble-Caledonia Limited in London, to the e-mail addresses I have provided to you in here. Propose to them that their cruise ship, the ISLAND SKY, stop over at Luvenga during their White Sea cruise July 20-August 6, 2014.
        Is there a safe anchorage for a small cruise ship like ISLAND SKY at Luvenga? Ask Port of Kandalaksha pilots office.
        It’s very late to propose this to them. But try anyway.

        • All the islands are in the territory of Kandalaksha reserve in Luvenga area. You can not visit these islands and you can not approach them closer than 500 meters.

  2. re: ISLAND SKY White Sea cruise, July 20-August 6, 2014
    E-mail the ship’s owners, Noble Caledonia Limited, London,
    website: http://www.noble-caledonia.co.uk
    E-mail address:
    Tell them you are interested to provide guided excursion services at places in Kola peninsula and Solovetsky. Them where exactly, and what you can provide.
    Here is link to their online contact form to write to them online:
    When you write to them, refer to: re: ISLAND SKY,
    White Sea cruise, July 20-August 6, 2014, re: offer to provide shore excursion services in Murmanskaya.
    I hope they reply to you.

    attached is photo: Pomor village, Kola peninsula, Murmanskaya


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