Climate and weather

Because of the sea the climate is softer than one may expect given the latitude (67°09′). Winter, however, is long, from the beginning of November till well into April.

It is often wet and humid, and weather may change quickly. That’s the key to preparing for trips here: WEATHER CHANGES SUDDENLY AND IN A WIDE RANGE.

The climate is just perfect for mosquitoes, gnats, and horse flies. Don’t underestimate this issue when planning hiking or rafting. In June 2012 I experienced a mosquito attack that made run to safety. And then the locals laughed me off saying I haven’t seen nothing yet, and related their stories how they got blinded by insects while negotiating their way around rocks in river rapids.

I recall an old book that quoted a local reindeer herder saying that lack of insects is a key feature of heaven.

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  1. Если автопереводчик прав и horse flies это слепни, то мне удается увидеть их далеко не каждое лето и только в самые жаркие дни. Т.е. в среднем 7-10 дней за все лето.

    По остальным насекомым. Для тех, кто их боится, лучшее время путешествий – конец мая-середина июня (еще нет) и конец августа-конец сентября (уже нет).

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