mailE-mail is the form of contact that involves the least drain on my resources. Please write to with a copy to I’m online a lot, and chances are I’ll get back to you right away.

skypeSkype – By arrangement only but if we need to deal with visual material it is there to use. My Skype ID is Uncle_Pasha_2011. As of recent Skype has gotten almost usable, especially if you turn off picture transmission.

fbIt’s been called to my attention that a sizeable part of the population no longer uses e-mail and only recognizes social network as the valid means of communication. After years of systematic brainwashing I’ve signed up for You can try contacting me through this cumbersome and annoying system, but I cannot guarantee a response. If business wasn’t so slow I would not have touched it. 

I’ve also installed a resonse form, which is an open invitation for major spam attacks but anything to match modern tastes. Here:

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    telefonTelephone – If the matter absolutely can’t wait, call but please view telephone as something for extraordinary use only. In most cases and situations e-mail is the most practical communication channel. Also I’m a slow whit and won’t be able to handle questions that require any thinking over telephone. Having said the above, here: +7 921 155 5432. That’s my number in Kandalaksha. The Moscow one, +7 985 217 3241, is no longer in service.

    tentS-mail – ul. Kirovskaya 23 kv. 17, Murmansk oblast, Kandalaksha 184041.


    forumThe FORUM is for anything you want to discuss in open air. No registration hassles, no censorship. I’ve even resisted the temptation to delete obvious trolling attempts or ravings by that poor chap obsessed with the thought that I’m a KGB spy to show that I’m all for openness and against “reputation management”. OK, I blocked the poor chap after he started dominating the board and making a serious nuissance but left a sample of several of his messages.

    If I don’t respond – Should this happen, contact Alexandra,, +7 921 153 6933. She is based in Kandalaksha, knows what’s happening, and possesses fluent written English but won’t talk I suspect purely out of spite.

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