Corporate archetype

corporateThe source of my livelihood seems to be gradually shifting towards site maintenance for others, which encourages me to make a note of web projects that stand out one way or another. Today’s addition to my collection is a perfect corporate site. “Perfect” in the technical sense, like “perfect gas”. The quintessence of “we are a very serious business” idea. Here: It is hard to notice these things on sites you work with daily. I’m grateful to CDS Solutions for helping me see how music and things that slide look to a first-time visitor. Proceeding to take these redundancies out of my projects. Huge thanks.

..But yesterday I had a talk with a potential client who insisted that my sites are visually drab and boring, and likely to induce depression. Well, the latter is always on my agenda, hidden or otherwise. Depressed people tend to be quieter, less turbulent, and otherwise easy to coexist with. If I had my will I’d put the absence of depression into that thick diagnostic book shrinks use and declare it a socially dangerous condition. Hmm.. Recall two more recent complaints of the same sort. I should try adding colour and gaudy moving things to one of the inactive projects to see what it does to hits. Fortunately, both my current clients prefer minimalist and simplicity. One is the church of St. Nina, and the other the Kola Peninsula association of artists and craftsmen.

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