A compilation of bicycle accidents

The sad story of Haruhisa Watanabe, a cyclist who was killed near Kandalaksha just over a year ago, keeps on getting several visits per day. For the benefit of those contemplating a cycling trip here is a compilation of videos to give you an idea of the road environment. Remember it is a concentrate, not your typical traffic situation!

I’m pleased to testify, as a practicing cyclist, that the driving culture has vastly improved in the past few years. I’ve been cycling all over Moscow for most of 2012, and then here in Kandalaksha, and I don’t recall a single life-threatening situation. Yes, risk level is elevated but cycling probably can not longer be classed as a form of active suicide. Russia, with its ~20 fatalities per 100 th. per year, is far from being the worse. There are places in the world where this figure is close to 40.


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