Dacha for rent, commuting distance from Moscow, $600/month

28An alternative accommodation options, not for everyone but here is the story.

Near the Kiev highway, 40 min. by car from Metro Yugo-Zapadnaya. 7km from Station Selyatino, about an hour by car or train from the south-west end of Moscow. A bus from Metro Teply Stan will take you to within walking distance to the dacha.

29Surrounded by forest. (No Tajiks incessantly scraping leaves or snow. No traffic noise.)

Running water, shower, indoor toilet.

The first floor is insulated and suitable for winter living.

No or few neighbours off season, and not too too busy during summer.

The road leading to the dacha is plowed in the winter. 

266059_600That’s the landlord, the famous Dimitry, a compulsive junk and antiques collector, a physicist, and one of the very few remaining old school Muscovites blissfully stuck somewhere in early 80s. His $25/night Maroseyka rooms have been a gem of my www.cheap-moscow.com collection for years. Fluent English too, and he replies e-mail right away. Write to dsharvin@gmail.com with a copy to unclepasha@kandalaksha.su.

Oh, no need for a long-term contract. Rent it for a month, pay for a month, give up if you don’t like it, no problem. This is also very unusual for the Moscow rental market where landlords will try to punish you for leaving before the end of the term or without an advance notice.

Below are some random photos inside and outside the place.

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More photos at http://users.livejournal.com/mitya_/

One piece of client feedback so far:

Tatiana Malkova <tatiana (dot) malkova (at) gmail (dot) com>
Date: 2014-03-06 12:07 GMT+04:00
Subject: Re: comments
To: Dmitry Sharvin <dsharvin@gmail.com>

It’s a very cosy and quiet dacha in Moscow suburbia. The cabin is built of wood logs and keeps warmth, as well there is an oven and one can heat the bigger room burning birch firewood. Although the house is rather small it’s spacious and in warm season big companies (6-8 people) can be accomodated with comfort. The real benefits of the dacha are water-supply and warm wc.

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