Dalnie Zelentsy, Barents Sea. A small overview.

Dalniye Zelentsy is a village on the Barents Sea coast, 170km east from Murmansk.


From 1935 to the beginning of the 1990s the Murmansk Biological Station (from 1958 the Biological Station of the Murmansk Sea Biology Institute) was active there. The purmanent population of the village was about 600, which included both scientists and technical personnel from among the locals. Presently the biological station is abandoned, and about 10 permanently live there. Some biologists visit the station in the summer.


Biological station buildings

The main building of the Biological Station was built in 1935-39 and has the official status of a “monument of architecture”.

Главное здание биологической станции

The main building of the Biological Station

Only one building remains occupied throughout the year. It belongs to the Murmansk Sea Biology Instutute.


From 1948 there is the Northern Corrosion Station that belongs to the Instutute of Physical Chemistry and Electrochemistry of the Russian Academy of Sciences. At the moment there is only one person working there.

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Near the village there are islands that are part of the Kandalaksha Nature Reserve. One of Nature Reserve’s inspectors lives in Dalniye Zelentsy.


There are major nesting colonies on the Nature Reserve islands.

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Lots of Minke whales by the islands.


The vicinity of the village – tundra and rocks of the most unusual forms – is quite beautiful.

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Lots of mushrooms and cloudberry in the tundra.


Fishing is excellent. Cod, haddock, navaga, and pollock can be caught by the coast.


Occasionally one can pull out a crab.


Also there is a border control point in the village, and recently a modern diving center has been built.

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