Deer skin boots hand-made in Lovozero

93One of our Lovozero discoveries was the Tundra workshop that specializes in deer skin boots. Located on Ulitsa Polevaya, no number. Here is the building that houses the workshop and a small souvenir store:

94That’s the main product – deer skin boots. An adult-size pair costs 9 th. roubles ($250, possibly/probably less after the rouble drop). Can be made to size. Children’s sizes are 2.5 to 3.5 th. roubles.

Nina Semenovna Sharshina, the workshop’s director, demonstrates leather-working techniques to make deer skin soft and flexible. 103
It takes a day to process leather for one pair of boots, and another day to sew the boot, and another day to attach it to the sole, and half a day to do decorating. So the price tag appears more than reasonable given the amount of work that goes into making a pair of boots.

A miscellany of souvenirs are also made there.

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