Detailed maps and lots of photos at – Lots of maps, mostly 1:100000 or 1:20000, of the the Kola peninsula, area west of it, Western Karelia, Finland, and of the Arkhangelsk region. These look like military maps from the 40s.

A very easy to use instant-loading old-fashioned site too, a rare thing these days of CMS, damn be the day I heard of WordPress. In addition to maps, lots of history materials and articles on northern culture, psychology, and especially mental disturbances peculiar to far north regions.

Maps are at the very top of the main page, and photos of the Kola region slightly below.

The author also muses on the value and possible benefits of extreme situations, and the therapeutic value of war. The un-pc stuff (and in the present-day Russia it may well fall under article 258 of the Criminal Code, “Extremism”, or “Inciting hatered”) about the benefit of war is politely hidden at the bottom.

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