“Either bring back food, or be food yourself”

It’s been above zero for a number of days. The sort of situation when bears may wake up. Just got a warning not to go into the woods between Kandalaksha and Luvenga no matter how bad is the need to take a leak. It is because of a big hungry bears is rotten mood that in their cute cub days were taught that humans mean food. Now it is “either bring food or I may make **you** my meal”.

Kandalaksha nature experts are asking me to spread the message along English-speaking travellers that bears are not to be fed no matter how small. Otherwise they associate humans with food, with all the ugly bloody consequences. No, gratitude, I’m afraid, is a human trait and not a very common among us either. Animals are merely conditioned to form associations. In this case it between humans and food, which is just one small step to “humans ARE food”.

Gorish details are coming up. The most dramatic case was one local who attempted to take a cub home. He was pulled out of his car and proceeded to suffer consequences in the claws if the mother bear. Bleeding, he hid under the car but in a few hours died from blood loss either there or in the hospital. I don’t recall the details but will ask and share them. But don’t worry, you, presumably a pragmatic westerner, are not likely to do anything quite as stupid as what we reckless Russians may.

Here is a cartoons on what to do if you run into a bear:

Also, to help you put thins into perspective, I also recommend a talk by a University of Calgary professor.

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