Evgeni Vitishko

Свободу Витишко!

The banner above in no way reflect my own view and opinions, and is here for informational value only. “Governor Tkachev, go away, you are a crook” gets you three years probation if you get the message, or “correctional settlement” (the softest variety of prison available, almost “halfway house”) if you don’t.

One of the search phrases that leads people here includes “Evgeni Vitishko”. Yes, the one who painted environmental slogans on a fence around some big shot’s dacha in the middle of a protected forest. I assume you are looking for what happened after the court changed his suspended sentence into a real one in December.

My understanding is that an appeal has been submitted, Vitishko is still free, and his fate is to be decided around the middle of January. The freshest news on the subject are at http://ewnc.org/ but the story is no longer present in the mainstream news. I had to ask for help of our information search expert Alexandra to locate even that small bit.

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