Examples of jobs and projects

This page is a draft. See a similar list at at www.oldmanfriday.com

  • Got one permanent site upkeep client. That’s new and significant and should be described in detail. The site is www.st-nina-kandalaksha.org. Essentially I’m doing what I wish someone did for me 5-6 years ago when I first started feeling the need to structure thousands of pages of stuff.
  • An extensive research into the logging industry. I spent three month chatting with loggers, checking with equipment sellers, flipping through industry publications, and studying the local labor market. Too bad the conclusion is clearly not in favour of coming to Russia to do logging but I sort of know the industrial scene.
  • Translations (which I’ve been doing since 1994) of biological or eco tourism materials (something farily new) and English teaching (nothing new and exciting about it but if needed I can do a few intense orientation sessions to get things moving).
  • Answering a trickle of questions.

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