The Zhirinovsky of Finland


Hemmo Koskiniemi of the “True Finns” party?

I was asked to comment on a piece of news that Finland wants to join Russia. It didn’t take long to find the source. It is The Voice of Russia radio. That all the world wants to join USSR or at least live like there was a standard line in the Brezhnev days. The same idea seens to be put in circulation now. I actually know an Australian, gentle, good-natures, and and with not a hint of dimentia, who is jubilant over the Crimea invasion and West’s inability to convincingly respond. (Hi John B., I mean you!) History made its full circle, no big deal, relax, this world is more of a loop than a line. OK, a spiral perhaps, but its turns are hardly distinguishable for us short-lived mortals. No big deal that is unless you are caught in its wheels.

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The Zhirinovsky of Finland — 3 Comments

  1. Let Crimea go to Russia, which difference will it make after all? When Putin will retire or disappear, it will be very difficult for Russia to keep its true cultural difference, the nouveaux riches will expand to unknown limits.

  2. Hi Pasha

    Thank you for mentioning me and here are my two cents:

    The gangsters came to prod the hornet’s nest. The Soviets did a ‘Czechoslovakia’. This time, despite the gangsters’ condemnations, they are welcomed to the seaside resort with open arms. The rattling of Confederate sabres is heard loud and clear, but the KGB has already won this part without a war. But wait, there’s more….

    I did not support the invasion. It’s the series of events which followed that changed my mind. Still not all for it, but for a country to stand up against the united bullies, you have my respect.

    A Pro-Russian Oriental from the Eastern part of the Western World.
    Single and available. Looking for a wife, and have a soft spot for Russian and Ukrainian women.

  3. Become like ‘North and South Korea’, or build a ‘Berlin Wall’. The border is heavily guarded on both the Ukrainian and Russian sides. Former brothers, now enemies. Relatives and friends are unable to see each other for years, and some, never again. Some people are getting shot by machine guns, trying to cross the borders illegally. Both sides suffer economically, under the cloud of uncertainty.

    Unite once again. Ukraine and Russia. Instead of both losing, both will win.

    As an outsider, I am simply presenting a point of view. The future is up to you. By the way, I certainly do not work for the Kremlin.

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