Easement of visa rules isn’t going to happen

No visa-free travel for Russians to Finland in the foreseeable future, thanks to the Ukraine affair. More >> The 72-hour visa-free for Russia-bound foreigners arriving here by ferry remains a reality, and talks are in the process to extend this option to train and air travellers. More >>

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Easement of visa rules isn’t going to happen — 3 Comments

  1. I do feel it’s sad that all the recent international occurrences is only serving to place a divide between people. I’ve been to Russia and while there I came to love it, thanks in part, to your tours you gave those 7 years ago, and also via traversing other hamlets! I fondly recall how sweet and kind the babushki (sp?) were..and the food and music.. I still have Russian friends, including you, over there to this day..Same goes wherever I go – I always meet sweet and kind people. Can’t the world leaders get their acts together and realize that by not being harmonious, it’s serving no purpose..Ah, well, in the end, good shall conquer all woes.. and I’m sending extra prayers that such shall be the case with the Russia-Ukraine situation..

    • No one will be allowed to enter Russia. And you’ll need an “exit visa” to leave Russia, or even to leave your own village.
      Attached is photo of dogs sleeping at Pervomaysk, Ukraine. There’s been fighting there. They are probably all dead now.

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