Free accommodation and local guidance in exchange for English practice

zabolotsky-familyA family who’s 10 year old son takes English lessons from me will be happy to host a talkative English-speaking traveller, free, in exchange for a couple of hours of conversation practice per day.

The family consists of a mother who speaks passable English, her sons of 5, 10, and 15, and a father who works as an oil tanker inspector and is an avid fisherman with an in-depth knowledge of the south edge of the Kola Peninsula, who can, time permitting, take you around these places and arrange a fishing tour for you.

You can stay either in their apartment in the Niva-3 part of Kandalaksha with them, or, if there is a group of you, in a separate 2-room apartment next door [Not available starting June 2016].

To reply to this offer please write to Eva to with a copy to me, to

Below are a few photos of their vacant apartment that’s also available for long-term rent for 15 th. roubles (just over $200) per month, utilities included. [Not available starting June 2016]Again, short-term rent for those willing to give the kid a bit of English practice is entirely FREE!!

niva-3-16 niva-3-15 niva-3-14 niva-3-13 niva-3-12 niva-3-11 niva-3-10 niva-3-9 niva-3-8 niva-3-7 niva-3-6 niva-3-5 niva-3-4 niva-3-3 niva-3-2 niva-3-1

If interested in either renting this apartment long-term [Not available starting June 2016], or staying there for a few days in exchange for a couple of hours’ of English conversation per day, please write to Eva to with a copy to me, to

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