Greetings from Musta-Tunturi and Sredni

9Although I resented having had my ass dragged all the way up here, I concede that the landscape and the whole environment is as close as it gets to being “out of this world”. Further, it is probably fair I should familiarize myself with the territory before getting your travellers to hire me to organize your trip here. So here we are, just went through Musta-Tunturi, gotten to Sredni, and covered most of the way through the east side of the peninsula before stopping for the night.

Here are a few photos I’m sharing in hope of communicating the spirit of the place:


Last place to buy a beer. Somewhere in Musta-Tunturi mountains. Despite their popularity, this place has next to no infrustructure to look after travellers.


Motovski Bay of the Barents sea. That’s where we stopped for our second night.


A waterfall in the Titovka river


A view from the cliff over the Titovka river, Musta-Tunturi


Another shot of the Titovka river waterfall.

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Greetings from Musta-Tunturi and Sredni — 3 Comments

    • Don’t know. Haven’t noticed any. Speaking of bridges, we did come over “new” one laid over solid stone supports, with one of the stones bearing “1942” on it. A photo coming up.

      I should also mention that there appeared to be no entry control, and a foreigner can easily sneak in without the permit. How did you deal with the issue?

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