Helicopter full of regional VIPs fell into Munozero yesterday


It was quite misty on Saturday. On the way to Luvenga Saturday afternoon. Visibiity ~100m.

An Mi-8 helicopeter full of regional political and business elite on board fell into Lake Moonozero, near Umba, the night of May 31, 2014, just before 9pm. Two or three survived and are now in the Kandalaksha hospital. The rest crashed or drowned. What’s most unfortunate is that the officials appeared to have been making an inspection of a newly setup, following a long controversy, Hibiny National Park.

The list of victims according to blogger51.com:

1. Alexey Smirnov, Minister of natural resources and ecology of the Murmansk region;

2. Alexander Stepchenko, Deputy director for regional development of the St. Petersburg forestry institute;

3. Alexander Kiselev, Director of OOO “Avit-service”;

4. Konstantine Nikitin, Deputy director of OAO “Apatite”;

5. Alexey Grogor’yev, Director-general of OAO “Apatite”;

6. Vasily Polocanov, employee of OAO “Apatite”;

7. Valentin Babkin, head of the airport of the city of Apatity;

8. Sergey Skomorokhov, deputy governor of the Murmansk oblast;

10. Oleg Verenikin, head of forestry department of north-western federal district;

11. Denis Volkov, deputy-director of OOO “Luga-Les”;

12. Andrey Zvonar, head of city of Korovsk administration;

13. Valery Kuptsov, chief doctor of the Tirvas sanatorium, daughter company of OAO “Apatite”.

Crew members:

1.Alexey Tovpeko

2. Igor Nasteko

3. Sergey Medvedev

4. Mikhail Brender

5. Gennady Volkov

The place of tragedy:
munozeroLake Eastern  Munozero, about 80 km from Umba

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