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Alexandra needs to know the origin and history and the main point of the project with giant floating Eider ducks described in the links below, all in Finnish. This language however does not well submit to machine translation. Here are some links to the story:

Many huge thanks for orienting us about the gist of the story.

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  1. Hi Uncle Pasha,

    Greetings from Turku. If you still need any info on the duck sculptures, let me know. I can probably find out what you need to know from the artist who created them.

  2. From Alexandra:

    We are truly touched by the intensity of response to our question.

    We got the core info about the “floating duck” project.

    Alexandra is interested in the project because of her work for the nature reserve where the main mission is Eider duck protection.

    Thus we are very interested in new non-standard experiments in getting the public acquinted with the bird, and dissimenating nature protection ideas to the masses.

    If you are aware of any nature-protection aspects of the project and of the reaction of people who saw the performance – did the project increase sympathy towards Eider? – please let us know.


    • Hello Uncle Pasha:

      It took me some time to return to this, but I have some additional information regarding the Eider duck installation.

      The Eider ducks were the creation of a local artist Reima Nurmikko for the Turku European Capitol of Culture 2011. The aim of the city of Turku programme wasn’t to focus on conservation per se, but Mr. Nurmikko is engaged in nature-based site-sensitive art with an aim to raise ecological awareness. (this according to his daughter, who is a friend) You can see that birds are a frequent theme in his work

      I hope this helps your friend. Hopefully one day I would have the chance to visit Russian Karelia in more depth!


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