Hight treason charge

nooseA certain woman called Svetlana Davydova from the Smolensk region west of Moscow was charged with high treason recently because, having noticed that the army barracks in her town have become nearly empty and having overheard a telephone conversation by one of the army men to the effect that they are being sent on a plaincloths mission, she called the Ukrainian embassy in Moscow and reported that the Russian troops may be heading to Eastern Ukraine. Now she is in the Lefortovo prison in Moscow facing 12-20 years of prison. Full story here.

No, it doesn’t take much to be charged as a spy in this land. Or to end up under piracy charges, as the Arctic Sunrise did.

What’s most disappointing is the amount and strength of approval for the charge in the public discussion of the situation, eg. here.

Guess for you foreign travellers the moral of the story is to watch that you stay from the “off limits to foreigners” zones.

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  1. Just a reminder that in 2012 the wording of the Criminal Code article on Hight Treason was changed. According to the new formulation the meaning of “high treason” and “espionage” was widened considerably. Now not only revealing state secrets to foreign governments and special services is classified as treason. Those who provides consulting services or renders financial, material or “other aid” to foreign and international organizations, if “such activity is directed against Russia’s security” can be charged with crime. In the same 2012 there was a law “On Foreign Agents” passed..

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