A new gimmick: ice music. By Terje Isungset, Kirovsk, Feb. 9 2014. — 2 Comments

  1. Alexandra,

    I appreciate your attempts to keep this site alive but that’s of no use. Today the counter shows ONE visit. Just ONE page view! The concept does not work, plain and simple. I took it to Google’s Top Ten. If that doesn’t work nothing will. Putting any effort into is a waste. I think it needs to be sold to one of these fishing for the British VIP companies. Times have changed. Thank G-d we don’t need to struggle for a living but no one needs us. Relax. We are human waste allowed to rot comfortably. Hell turned out to be much nicer than expected.


    • There were 66 visits yesterday but it is not important. I am not inclined to seek the highest meaning in the number of visits. I’m not hard to write about the news that seems interesting to me. I will continue to do so with your permission. And I am very sorry that you are depriving us your unique perspective on the world around ..

      Please, check my English is of at least 🙂

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