I’m back, alive and well although somewhat stunned..

Thanks to all those who expressed concern. I’m back and all is well. Falling asleep in a camper while using a gas stove as a source of heat may not have been the best idea ever to keep warm. The story of my three days in the Kandalaksha hospital is available on request.

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I’m back, alive and well although somewhat stunned.. — 4 Comments

  1. re: HBOT, hyperbaric oxygen therapy for carbon monoxide poisoning
    100% pure oxygen is given to the patient at 3x atmospheric pressure in a sealed room or sealed chamber. A French surgeon first administered oxygen at increased atmospheric pressure in 1879. There has also been a lot of experimentation and use of it by the Russian military for wound therapy.
    The Russian Navy hospital at Severomorsk probably has these HBOT chambers.
    At an ambient concentration of 1.28%, death results from carbon monoxide poisoning in 1-3 minutes, after 2-3 breaths. Attached photos are from Wikipedia of some hyperbaric oxygen therapy chambers in Spain.

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