I am doing it but not willingly

frog_synochekFor the last few years something was not quite going right with my sites’ visibility and thus the amount of business they brought be. All the clever people have been telling me something about “social networks” and urging to join them, a concept I several times tried but failed to understand. Finally, after two independent attempts within one afternoon I’ve succumbed. Despite strong inner protest I’ve added all these buttons connecting www.kandalaksha.su to Twitter, Facebook, and what not. Hope that helps. I still fail to understand the point. Just would like to make a statement, to be used at the Last Judgement, to the effect that I’m not doing it willingly.  

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I am doing it but not willingly — 1 Comment

  1. Dear Pasha, Everything is good if it’s used wisely! So my best and warmest wishes (if you’re near the White Sea you’ll need them at this time of year!) for all your endeavours.

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