I’m ready for a new challenge

For the last few months, in addition to translating Alexandra’s book on the eiders (the end of the project is now in sight sometime in 2019) and teaching English (mostly to local kids), I’ve been looking where a motor yacht could fill up with quality diesel fuel between St. Petersburg and Murmansk. Now, with the yacht project over, 1/3 of my time and energy is freed up, and am ready to apply it to the benefit humanity and to help in paying our bills.

Examples of jobs done in the last three or four years, since our move to the Kola Peninsula:

  • Investigated supply lines for a traveller from St. Petersburg to Murmansk via the White Sea to Baltic canal (most recent). The trip has been cancelled or at least postponed until 2019 or 2020, and the boat is now for sale. Location: Riga, Latvia, but is about to be moved to the Mediterranean. Details >>
  • Person search in Kandalaksha (found)
  • Grave search in Arkhangelsk and Murmansk (found, photographed)
  • Wife search for a “non-standard” client (successful!)
  • Overview of the local wood market
  • Collection of biological samples (poor mussels!)
  • Search for filming locations
  • A number of translator/guide/driver assignments

Anything else I can do for you in this corner of Russia? Ideas and enquiries are welcomed.

No charge for the first hour of my time! Free consultations to those contemplating a trip to this corner of the world!!

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