Indian culture fesival in Murmansk

A somewhat unexpected event for Murmansk, a beyond-the-arctic-circle city..


On June 6 the Vth International Festival of Indian culture was held in Murmansk. The event started at 4pm with the ancient “carriage celebration” Jagannatha Ratha-yatra


Photos by Elena Kovalenko




At 6pm a big concert was held in the Laplandia Center (prospekt Geroyev Severomortsev 2). It include Indian dances performed by several Murmansk studios, a fashion show, tasting of Indian dishes and much more.

The start of the concert was the famous musician Vitty Mallik from the city of Vrindavana in India, called the city of five thousand temples and acting as of of the biggest centers of pilligrimage.


On Sunday, June 7, the festival is to continue in the Vedic Culture Center (ul. Frolova 16). Bitty Mallik will perform again at 1pm, and a traditional service will be held, to be concluded with dishes from Vedic kitchen.

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The Festival was organized by the Murmansk Center of Vedic Culture, with support from the Committee on Culture and Art of the Murmansk region. The Vedic Cultural Center of Murmansk unites various organizations that have an interest in the cluture of India.

More about the Center of Vedic Culture:

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