It’s your fault, Norwegians!


Courtesy of Thomas Nilsen/The Barents Observer

A Murmansk-based environmental organization Bellona, recently named a “foreign agent”, reports that a claim was made by the deputy minister of the environment of the Murmansk oblast Vladimir Khrutsky that cross-border pollution from Norway is responsible for 52% of all industrial pollution in the Kola Peninsula. Quite consistent with the current trend of looking for enemies within (eg. “foreign agents”) or without (the West).

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It’s your fault, Norwegians! — 2 Comments

  1. Hallo,
    good article but the Headline is not correct. A Little bit nicer more correct, more diplomaticly it would be if you write. It´s also your fault, Norwegians.

    Greatings to Kandalaksha from Kiel
    Jürgen Hartwig

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