Filmed in Kandalaksha

Director and cameraman Sergey Tsihanovich. Filming in the Kandalaksha Reserve

Director and cameraman Sergey Tsihanovich. Filming in the Kandalaksha Reserve

A list of films made in and around Kandalaksha. Also I’ve counted at least 20 made in the Kandalaksha Nature Reserve.





raskolThe Schism. Directed by Nicolay Dostal’, scrip by Mikhail Kuraev and Nikolay Dostal’, artistic director Pavel Pakhomenko. Filmed from October 2009 to April 2011. Filmed in Kandalaksha, in Kem’, on Solovki, and in Rostov the Great (“Gold Ring”). The film is about the split within the Russian Orthodox Church initiated by Patriarch Nikon’s 1652-1666 attempt to bring rites in conformity with those in Greece. Watch it >>

The Legacy of Lenin, a 12-episode series based on prison camp stories by Varlam Shalamov, was filmed near Kirovsk and Apatity. Ultra realistic, contemplative, without a glimpse of hope. Now, as Russia is sliding back to its self-devouring mode, The Legacy of Lenin beats any horror movie I’ve seen.

petyaPetya on the Way to Heaven, also by Nikolay Dostal’, script by Mikhail Kurayev, was filmed in Kandalaksha and Zelenoborsky, and the story itself is happening in Kandalaksha. The film was highly praised by critics, and received medals and awards. See Pete on Way to Heaven on Russian Film Symposium >>

samkaThe Female by Grigory Konstantinopolsky, 2011. A comedy about a love affair between a journalist woman and a snowman. You can watch it here >> but registration is required (not recommended in Russia – once they get your phone number they’ll play tricks) or you see film trailer >>



kukushkaThe Cuckoo by Alexander Rogozhin, 2002. Starring Anni-Kristiina Juuso, Ville Haapasalo, and Viktor Bychkov. September 1944, a few days before Finland pulls out of the war. A Finnish sharpshooter, is chained by Germans to a stone and dressed in a SS uniform to discourage him from surrendering. Soviet army captain Ivan also narrowly escapes death at the hands of Smersh, Russian frontline anti-spy police. Saami woman Anni gives them both shelter in her home. More RU >> More EN >> Watch >>

Twice born, 1983, a typical Soviet era hero movie. Watch >>

Lost in Siberia by Ralph Huettner. Comedy, romance. More >>

Players by Abbas-Mustan, a remake of some Hollywood film. Watch >>

Fight with a Shadow by Alexey Sidorov. The final episode, when the hero leaves prison, was filmed in Revda.

Commander of Lucky Spike by Borish Volchek was filmed in Polyarny.

Polarny is another local center of film making. Some examples: Повесть о Неистовом, 17-й трансатлантический, Командир счастливой «Щуки», Торпедоносцы, Я за тебя отвечаю, 72 метра, Конвой PQ-17, Первый после Бога.

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