Kandalaksha Local History Museum

How could I have missed something such a fundamental as one of these “local history” (“krayevedchesky”) museum! Must be the onset of senility.

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Ulitsa Pervomayskaya 40. Open 10am to 6pm weekdays (lunch 1-2pm), Saturdays 10am to 5pm. Closed Sundays. Entrance fee something like 50 roubles ($1.50). Tel. +7(815-33)94407. The museum was set up in 1971 and largely maintains its Brezhnev-era style. Stone-age tools, cult items, pre-industrial agricultural imprements, hunting and fishing equipment, household stuff, and of course a large hall with war documents and artefacts. The latter, as we are once again gearing up to confront the world, is the most actively developing part of the exhibition. For photos of museum exhibits see itarasov.livejournal.com/5221.html. Microscopic arts and crafts fairs are sometimes held there too so I’m tagging this museum with Souvenirs as well.

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