The Petroglyphs of Kanozero

kanozeroRock carvings (petroglyphs) have been discovered on the islands of Lake Kanozero, between Kandalaksha and Umba in 1997. No, not a mistake, in 1997. These Kanozero islands been declared a historic site, and a Petroglyph Museum was set up in Umba. The address is ul. Dzerzhinskogo street 36.

kanozero_1By now (2013)over 1000 of them have been discovered. The drawings are said to belong to Neolithic period or Early Iron Age, 3000-2000BC. Knowing my compatriots’ propensity to exaggerated claims, I have my doubt but my job is to entice you suckers here, not to inflict my realism on you. So let it be.

More general info about petroglyphs, in English >>

A very detailed page, in Russian, on Lake Kanozero, dated with 2007 >> ( is down as of April 3 2015)


If you are based in Kandalaksha, a long summer day is more than enough to travel there. Talk to me about this or any other idea about travelling, filming, or doing anything else in the Kola peninsula or anywhere else in Russia.


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