Karelian separatists

Considering that “calls against territorial integrity of the Russian Federation” are or every soon be illegal the very presence of such a movement is noteworthy. See roman-i-darija.livejournal.com. In their recent public action the separatists issued Karelian passports and money, and demanded that Petrozavodsk be renamed Onegaborg, the name from a 16th century map, way before Peter I sent his minister Menshikov there to set up an iron foundry sometime in very early 1700s. 

THE ABOVE IS NOT TO BE TAKEN AS MY SUPPORT FOR SEPARATISTS OR ANY OTHER VIEWS OR ACTIONS. TO FURTHER PROTECT MY ASS I HEREBY DECLARE MY TOTAL AND COMPLETE AGREEMENT AND READINESS TO OBEY ALL LAWS AND POLICIES, PRESENT OR FUTURE, EXPLICIT OR IMPLIED, SENSIBLE OR OTHERWISE. (Those not aware of the recent legislation and the trend towards outlawing views rather than actions may want to check this pravda.ru note or a longer article in Window on Eurasia.)

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Karelian separatists — 3 Comments

  1. Thank you for writing this. There is no lot of topics about Karelian, and Siberia separatism. Russia is autocratic regime, I’m so sorry for that, I’m so sorry for they people, ’cause I belive that people are always good (looking by individuals) but regime can be evil!
    You have no freedom of speech or free expression, nothing… Just sadness in 4 walls.
    Support from the Serbia.

    • In our case 80+% of people support the regime, which says something about the people.

      What sort of assistance can you give? I have some computer/internet related questions.

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