Kola Peninsula and Karelia prison camps

Collection of articles and essays 20th Century Martyrs (based on 6th Feodorite Readings held annually(?) in Varzuga) has come out recently. Authors are several while Father Mitrofan (Badanin), a priest of a rather orthodox orientation (“science is but crumbs from the table of faith” is an example from one of his recent interviews), served as its general editor. The book includes articles by Dimitry Loskutov on Polish POW in the Ponoy river camp (east of the Kola Peninsula), V. Orekohova on priests executed in the vicinity of Kandalaksha, with lots of names and specific dates, a list of prisoners in Karelia in 1937-1938, and a lot of other uncomfortable stuff which Russia as a nation preferred phasing out of its collective memory rather than facing its past, repenting, and getting cured. Thus Crimea, a surge of patriotism, and a very likely repeat of the 1917-1985 scenario. Published by Ladan, available in the regional history section of the Kandalaksha library.

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