kolamap.ru is back online

This remarable collection of maps recently blocked by the authorities has apparently been moved to a new host outside of Russia, and is once again accessible.

1626 г. «Orbis arctoi imprimisque amplissimi regni Sueciae tabula».

1626 г. «Orbis arctoi imprimisque amplissimi regni Sueciae tabula».

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  1. Thank you for the news however sad. Even a sad truth is better then any kind of lies. Please don’t stop. I never thought I would see peace a prosperity. It last occurred during those silly monarchies in Europe when they had the Czar and the Kaiser. It was then that people played out their craziness because they could and underneath it all was a suicide pact. We finally survived the World War that grew out of peace and prosperity. People call it World War One and Two but it one long. war . After all the suffering we survived and now we are at it again the ignorant fascists from Midwest part of the US have caused a depression and are beating the drums of war. Japan, Russia and most of Europe are writing another suicide pact but how do reasonable men stand against the insane before it is too late.

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