Kolvitsa. General info for travellers.

Three reasons to recommend Kolvitsa to travellers: (1) high concentration of good views; (2) easy access; (3) location along the Kandalaksha-Umba-Varzuga route. 

Dmitriev cape and entrance to the Kolvitsa bay. Photo by Georgy Kas’yanov.

Easy to access

Kolvitsa is the second settlement along the Kandalaksha to Umba road, only 30km from Kandalaksha.


One can hop on bus No. 106 leaving off the Kandalaksha train station. The schedule has not changed over many years:

Kandalaksha to Kolvitsa: 07.50am; 12.30pm; 6.10pm;

Kolvitsa to Kandalaksha: 9.00am; 1.40pm; 7.15pm.

En route about 40 min., stops in the city and by dacha settlements along the road. NO BUSSES IN WINTER.

Natural views and their concentration

I’ve never seen a bird’s eye view onto Kolvitsa, which is sad. Only pieces of the place fit separate photos, failing to convey the overall impression of the place. A perfect picture would combine the long and narrow sea bay, the river, waterfall, lakes and hills, all at once. The only picture that includes it all has been painted by Valentin Myzdrikov.

Here the bay turn into a river, or the other way around. Photo by G. Alexandrov.

Take the trail along the river and in 20 min. you’ll run into a waterfall.


Kolvitsa waterfall, photo by G. Alexandrov.

You can continue up, enjoying the views.

The river of Kolvitsa, White rapids, photo by G. Alexandrov.

The walk, if continued, will take you to Lake Kolvitsa, also too large to be captured onto a single photo. Sand beaches, clean water, and lots of space.


Photo by A. Goryashko

No surprise that there is lots of fish here. No salmon fishing though. Poaching is practiced but fishing inspectors are there too. Lots of berries and mushrooms in the woods.

These places are quite popular with painters. Take a look at this partial selection of Kolvitsa-inspired paintings.

We’d like to call the attention of connoisseurs of art to the fact that very soon, at the end of May, a watercolours workshop will be held in Kolvitsa by remarkable Anna Mikhailova. If you want to participate in this workshop see details >>.

Anna Mikhailova. Kolvitsa. Watercolour. September 2014.

Now let’s look at the village, part of which is shown on Anna’s painting. The village is on both sides of the bay and river, connected by a bridge of questionable strength or design. Avoid, without a real need, of driving over it as there have been unpleasant accidents.


The village has a rich and varied history but these things are rarely of concern to travellers. If you are an atypically curious sort of traveller you can read on Kolvitsa history in a recently published book “ПA Trip to Kolvitsa, one of the authors of which happens to be Alexandra. A summary of the village’s history is engraved on this memorial stone installed by the bridge in summer 2014, as part of the celebration of 120th anniversary of Kolvitsa.


From the practical point of view the village is of little interest to travellers. No stores, no post office. In recent years mobile Megafon mobile phones started working.

According to unconfirmed information somewhere by the bridge there is a guest house with a sauna. Contact Сергей +7 921 365 28 85, Виктор +7 921 285 30 07, or Лариса +7 921 516 49 12, or write to ivlevv@inbox.ru.

Kolvitsa is no less beautiful in winter than in summer. See aurora borealis or the photo of the Kolvitsa Falls in winter:

Photo by G. Alexandrov

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