Frozen Kolvitsa waterfall in winter


This photo is by Gennady Alexandrov. The rest is by Alexandra.

Yesterday my mate Alexandra took me to Kolvitsa to see one of local natural attractions, the waterfall on the Kolvitsa river. Although I am at a bit of a loss as to the point of dragging one’s ass through two miles of snow to see some bubbling water framed by ice, I am, after all, in the tourism business, so I put up but minimal resistance and ended up seeing the views I’m about to share. Here:

kolvitsa-waterfall-2 kolvitsa-waterfall-3 kolvitsa-waterfall-4 kolvitsa-waterfall-5 kolvitsa-waterfall-6

Location: 27-28km east from Kandalaksha along the south edge of the Kola peninsula, about a mile up the Kolvitsa river from the village of the same name.

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